Bakery Fats

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Ecofry Palm Oil an environmentally friendly Palm Oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, sourced from sustainable plantations.

Caterfry Palm Oil is a sustainable natural vegetable fat, ideal for deep frying fish and chips.

Eco-Bake Palm Stearin RSPO is a product derived from palm fruit from sustainable plantations, formulated for bakery and confectionery use.

Eco-Bake Versatile Bakery Fat the versatile bakery fat blended from sustainable palm oil, palm stearin, and rapeseed oil, suitable for manufacturing pies and quiches.

  • Caterfry Palm Oil 12.5kg Box

  • Eco-Bake Palm Stearin RSPO 12.5kg Box

  • Eco-Fry Palm Oil RSPO 12.5kg Box

CodeProduct DescriptionPallet Qty
109/SGEco-Fry Palm Oil 12.5kg80
167Caterfry Palm Oil 12.5kg Box80
190Caterfry Gold Veg Fat 12.5kg Box80
220/SGEco-Bake Palm Stearin RSPO 12.5kg Box80