Speciality Oils

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Olympic Corn Oil is refined from the finest maize cobs, this oil has a pleasant aroma during cooking and is suitable for both baking and deep frying.

Olympic Mostassa is a blend of rapeseed oil and mustard oil (5%) used in authentic South Asian cuisine

  • Olympic Corn Oil 1000 Litres

  • Olympic Corn Oil 15 Litres Drum

  • Olympic Corn Oil 3×5 Litres PET Bottle

  • Olympic Corn Oil 4×3 Litres PET Bottle

  • Olympic Mostassa Mustard Oil Blend 2×4 Litres HDPE Bottle

CodeProduct DescriptionPallet Qty
152Olympic Corn Oil 1000 litres IBC1
67Olympic Corn Oil 15 litres Drum56
1014Olympic Corn Oil 3 x 5 litres PET Bottle64
1260Olympic Corn Oil 4 x 3 litres PET Bottle72
1104Olympic Mostassa Mustard Oil Blend 2×4 Litres HDPE Bottle92